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"Healthy pets make

happy pet owners!"

Giselle Armstrong



Action for Animals Maine (AFAM)

The pets in our lives are truly one-of-a-kind! They bring us love, companionship and help us build strength in our daily lives. We are connected together as they engage us, and we engage them. Most of all they are cherished family members and often the only family we have. Sadly, when falling on hard times and facing financial hardship our pets are directly affected, especially when their health is at risk.

Serving the regions of Lincoln County, Action for Animals Maine has a mandate to helping people in desperate need of financial assistance by supporting in the health care of their pet. Action for Animals Maine will contribute financial aid to approved applicants* to help pay for procedures, hospitalization, medication, veterinary follow-ups, and emergency animal services to realize the full recovery of the owner’s pet. 

And just like you, Action for Animals Maine wants your pet to have a long, happy and healthy life!

How AFAM all started

Meet Giselle Armstrong. She’s a loving and caring pet owner who knows the importance of looking after her dog’s health. Fortunately, she hasn’t experienced the financial difficulties other animal lovers have while investing in their pet’s health.


Giselle has seen first-hand, the struggles of pet owners at the veterinary hospital, unable to afford the fees to bring their pet back to health, and in many cases euthanized because of their inability to pay.

“Imagine your pet’s existence and everything it means to you, resting inside your empty wallet.”

It was this very reason Giselle felt the urgency to bring the Action for Animals Maine foundation together and with a vision to extend the animal’s life and the pet owner’s as well.


"Our foundation will keep animals with their loved ones for years to come"


Criteria for Acceptance

1. Action for Animals Maine does NOT cover:


  • Preventative costs including spaying and neutering

  • Initial medical examinations, procedures, medications and inoculations for new pets to the home

  • Annual routine examinations by veterinarian

  • Over - the - counter animal health care products

  • Animal insurance

We can refer you to other agencies for services and procedures listed above


2. Action for Animals Maine will not publicize coverages for euthanasia, however will determine emergency calls on a by-case basis by the regulatory committee


3. Action for Animals Maine board members who receive a request for help can be approved up to $150 in emergency situations without approval of the regulatory committee


4. Action for Animals Maine may cover up to $500 for care/treatment per animal, per calendar year once approved by the regulatory committee
Note: A letter of Care Credit Denial, a copy of valid ID, and proof of Lincoln County Residency must be submitted along with the client application


5. Action for Animals Maine will verify all treatment and costs with the attending veterinarians. Payment will ONLY be made to the veterinarian or animal hospital administering care to that specific animal on a specific date/time


6. Action for Animals Maine requires receipts of all expenses paid by this foundation from the attending veterinarian or animal hospital. It is the client’s due diligence to ensure the attending veterinarian or animal hospital forward a copy of these expenses to Action for Animals Maine

7. If for any reason Action for Animals Maine cannot assist the person or animal in need, a selection of foundations will be provided that may be more suitable to their needs

Download AFAM application form

Get Involved!

"Anyone can help that loves animals and there are several ways you can help support this wonderful cause"


  • Through volunteering to help at special events and charity drives

  • Becoming a dog walker to those who cannot perform this task

  • By donating (non-expired) dry and canned pet food items and treats

  • By providing new animal play toys for needy pets

  • Donate funds which will go directly to animals in need.

Board of Directors

Giselle Armstrong - President
Clint Miller - Treasurer
Betsy Pitcher - Secretary
Sharon Goldhirsch - Application Manager & Public Relations
Jaymes Shive - Marketing Manager & Application Manager
Tammy Walsh - Marketing Manager & Public Relations Manager


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